So kleiden Sie sich wie eine deutsche Frau

We know everyone is obsessed with how glamorous Italian women are, or how exactly to dress like a French woman. But did you notice how stylish German women are? Trust us, we went to Berlin Fashion Week and there was great street style.

So we thought we’d ask the big fashion influencers Alexandra Lapp, Nina Schwichtenberg, and Sofie Valkiers to share their ultimate fashion tips.

How would you define the German women’s style?

Alexandra: “German women show a wide range of styles. We have noble and luxurious ladies or casual and sporty types. Then there are rocky or glamorous women. I think it’s always a matter of the occasions you go to or just what you prefer to wear. All in all, German women are classy and prefer a clean look.

Sofie: “For me, German women are about expressing themselves through strong pieces that are characterized by their meticulous quality. Luxury is more of a well-made piece than an expensive one – something that I can fully grapple with!

What are your top style rules?

Alexandra: Feel good and be confident. Wear what you want but wear it with pride. Mix different looks and wear luxurious pieces with casual ones. And always add some color!

Nina: „It’s all about the details!“ I’m addicted to flashy bags and shoes that are perfect for adding a twist to any outfit.

Sofie: „I don’t like to think about styling in terms of rules. My last book, Mood of the Day, is about how you can choose your outfit of the day so that it perfectly reflects your mood. This is one for me of the most powerful aspects of fashion and one of the main reasons I love it so much! „

What clothes couldn’t you live without?

Alexandra: My shoes! And of course a cool pair of jeans, a chic handbag and a leather jacket. They are all so multifunctional and can be worn with any style.

Nina: My comfortable boyfriend jeans and my white sneakers. They are the best pieces for a casual but cool everyday look.

Sofie: „A good pair of pointed, backless slippers to walk around and oversized statement earrings that instantly add glamor to your look.“

Which German designers should we look out for?

Alexandra: “Marc Cain is a classic and innovative label. The high quality of the materials and the cool designs underline the natural beauty of every woman. Each look is unique and you can see the handwriting on the label. I always find my perfect outfit and there are many pieces that I like to mix with my personal style.

Sofie: „I love Marc Cain’s adoption of powerful pieces for women!“ Instead of saying it literally, the collection is full of items that make a statement through their colors (lots of hot red and bold prints) and cuts (structured and fluid) – just the way I like them.

What are your most important things for fashion week?

Alexandra: “My most important things for fashion week are of course my calendar and my phone. They always let me know when to be at which event. In addition to all of my fashionable looks, I always bring a cool pair of apartments so that my feet can rest a little between all my appointments.

Nina: „My portable charger, gums, business cards and lip balm.“

Sofie: „Seamless nude underwear that goes with any outfit, Verso Deep Hydration sheet mask and Dior Fix It Concealer to look camera-ready, and Primal Pantry Power Food bars for on the go.“

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